Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Hello Lovelies, Hope everyone is surviving the freezing cold. Out here in Montreal, Canada, we got hit with a mountain-full of snow this week. Instead of getting all antsy being inside with the two kiddies.(yes it was too cold for snow angels.) we tried to make the best of it indoors cleaning out closets marie […]

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Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Hello Lovely Readers 🙂 Yes, we’re on a chocolate chip roll this winter. Its cold out, its easy, kids love them, The End. LOL Here is a great recipe which makes some really moist muffins that everyone from baby to daddy enjoy. The original recipe is from I make a couple of revisions as […]

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Easy Cranberry Scones

easy cranberry scones

Hi Guys, After the holidays I was left with a lot of leftover cranberries. I froze some to use at a later date and I used some right away to bake the best cranberry scones ever!! I just googled an easy recipe one morn and tried it out and looks like I tried out the […]

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