Children’s Books on Diversity

Hi There!

It’s been a minute since I’ve written on the blog with Instagram acting as the new quick way to post content, but I do love some easy to a quick read and helpful tips for mamas and kiddies growing this time of change. From pandemic to racial movements, the world is changing and as much as we want to make our kids feel safe, we also need to educate them on the real important things in life.

Diversity and acceptance is something I’ve always taught my daughter, and now my son. When I explained to her what was happening (briefly) with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, she couldn’t understand why people of color would be treated differently.  She has friends of color at school and recognizes differences like hair textures and braids, different shades of skin, the languages they speak with their parents, the head dressings some of them wear. As she grows she will learn more about different religions and the history of different ethnicities; that will be my job to explain, educate, and expose her to them. Right now at five years old, I focus more on acceptance, inclusion, playing fair, feelings, and celebrating other people and where they come from. Kindness and Equality is number ONE!

Reading books on diversity and inclusion is a great teacher for our littles. As we read to them, the books act as a little guide for me to expand on certain ideas or lessons in the book. Reading past just the words in the book is key; for example, after I read what’s written in the book, I say things like; “look how everyone’s skin color is different. Everyone is playing together….. notice her hair or his turban…we all dress differently, eat different things..” etc. This helps open up dialogue about ethnicities and acceptance.

Here I’ve rounded up some of my #IndigoFaves books on diversity. Keep in mind my kids are 3 and 5, so these are for the toddler to kindergarten age range. Hope you grab a couple online. It’s great getting books in the mail, especially when they have such valuable lessons inside. Happy Reading and lots of love to you and your little ones.

WIth Amore always,

Francesca xo


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