Crayola Favorites; Living In Color on those Rainy Days

Happy Friday Lovelies!

How hard is it to keep our little ones occupied, especially on rainy days. (I originally wrote this post on a super grey rainy day at the beginning o the week, but we all know how crazy the week gets.) Now don’t get me wrong, being from Vancouver, I love me a rainy day in there. Rainy days give me all the cozy feels, but at the same time, sometimes the kiddies get a bit restless.  If we’re having a lazy day with my 2 year old while his big sister is at school, I often turn to crafts. I love art,painting…(part of me wishes I was an art teacher lol,) so I naturally turn to paint and coloring or some kind of craft for the season. Stocking up on some craft goodies is also a challenge sometimes. Have you ever walked into a craft store with two toddlers?  You either end up buying the entire store which isn’t so economical, or I’ve ended up having some kind of meltdown because all they do is grab everything off the shelves and for some reason glitter, glue, and markers galore just make my kids run around with excitement. LOL

Here’s a super easy way to stock up on a couple of craft supplies without leaving your home. You can just order and they get delivered to your door. The kids get just as excited and you’ve got hassle-free supplies for rainy days like today. Shop CRAYOLA! (Clink the word and it’ll take you directly to

Here are my favorites, Must-try, colorful living garaunteed CRAYOLA Goodies which I absoutely LOOOOOOOVE, and so do the kiddies of course. Keeps them occupied and happy! And who loves cracking open a brand new box of crayons as much as i do?! LMAO. (For reals, I do…and I know I’m not alone, I see you crafty people.)

Okay, Here are my faves with their links below! Enjoy and happy Crayola shopping 🙂

p.s. Their “Washable” markers and paints really do wash off. Ask my off-white couches after my itle guy has scribbled al over them. Threw the slipcovers in the wash and they look brand new…. thank god. lol

  1. Classic Markers
  2. Create&Color
  3. Costruction Paper Shapes Kit
  4. Glue Sticks
  5. #squadgoals Coloring Book
  6. First Scissors
  7. Washable Kids Paint
  8. Smock
  9. Paintbrushes
  10. Fingerpaint Paper Pad
  11. Jumbo Paint Brushes
  12. Paper Pad
  13. Sponge Paint kit
  14. Glitter Paint
  15. Paintbrush Pens


Enjoy! Bon Weekend,

With Amore always, Francesca xo



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