30 week Pregnancy Update: Practicing Gratitude through this Hormotional Trimester

Hi lovelies!

Soooo, to say that this pregnancy has been extremely “hormotional” and that this time around has got me so much more moody, pensive, and emotional is totally an understatement. This pregnancy has taken over me!! Lol I can seriously cry on demand in a matter of seconds and I have these spurts of( dare I say it) depressed states. I definately was not like this during my first pregnancy. I was working until the end and it was just hubby and I and I was able to rest a bit better and excercise a bit more. I now have a beautiful toddler to keep up with (starting to potty train, bring to mom n tots groups, dance to The Wiggles with etc) and the hubby keeps me busy, not to mention struggling to work on my personal design projects. I think the extra fatigue and feeling overwhelmed definately triggers all the tears. Actually I know that’s what triggers them. It is the same reason I get a lil snappy or impatient. I’m just tired!!! And my belly is making me waddle and ache. And let’s be honest, who wants to waddle lol

Although this pregnancy has its challenges, there are also some improvements from the first time which I’m sure some others mother-to-be’s can agree with. Compared to the first pregnancy, I am much less worried about how to be a mom this time lol All those questions and fears I had about becoming a first time mom are gone this time. Thank god! Plus, I am already equipped with just about everything for our new little one from pj’s to bottles( I still have some new ones I never used with baby R) and the bassinet and car seat. That is a huge relief and saves me time as I clearly don’t have enough hours in a day as it is:)

So the one anxiety I have hits me when I’m out with Baby R struggling to strap her into her car seat or picking up the food she just launched from her plate at a restaurant or anything else that entails me working up a sweat, and I think to myself:

“How am I ever going to do this with another one?” Or “I will never be able to go out alone with both kids will I.. Will I always need help?” How did they do it back then when the norm was having at least five kids lol

Yup, lol that’s what happens.. I start to overthink. I know though, like many other mothers out there, it will all work out and once the second little bundle arrives, you somehow figure everything out. I am not the first and not the last I tell myself.

For now though, I will just say that as I am facing some emotional challenges, I started taking a moment during the day to close my eyes and be grateful. I’ve actually been doing this first thing in the morning; I say thank you for this day and tell myself that today will be a good day. I thank the universe for my family, my daughter, my mother, my husband, my little baby on the way, my health, my life. I try to appreciate the day, the weather, the nature around me. I stop for a quick minute during my day and look around me and say “thank you.”

I try to breathe more before acting and be more understanding of why the people around me say the things they do or do the things they do. I’ve seen how fast the first two years with Baby R has flown by and I want to slow things down. The only way to do that of course is to appreciate the quiet moments as much as the noisy ones, spend as much time with your little one as possible, and it sounds cliche, but to do more of what makes you happy, even if in a small way, and even if your belly and fatigue stop you from doing some things fully, don’t stress. Just accomplish small things for now ….you are already accomplishing something huge by raising a child or carrying a life in that belly 🙂

And always practice gratitude…Gratitude always.

Positive thinking is a powerful thing and so is saying “thank you” more.

With Amore always,

Francesca xo

2 thoughts on “30 week Pregnancy Update: Practicing Gratitude through this Hormotional Trimester

  1. Congratulations! The time goes so quickly. I welcomed a little one recently and it’s so important – and powerful to take these moments to express gratitude.


    1. Thank you so much! Congratulations to you! It is so important and not always easy, but we are not alone😊 all the best to you and your new little bundle!


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