Easy & Yummy Breakfast Toast

Good morning lovelies!

When my alarm goes on/ Baby R gives her wake-up cry for mommy, the first thing I do after brushing our teeth is make myself a Nespresso and Rosa her milk. Confession; Sometimes we have it in bed with a social tea cookie before getting up and making a real breakfast. It’s our slow wake-up time. I’m enjoying this time while I can before she’s older and we have to get ready for school. ( Dear Time, please slow down)

Soooo, when we get to making breakie in the kitchen, I usually like a piece of toast with some colourful concoction on it. And I make them on regular toast, nut bread, gluten free bagels, multigrain quinoa toast..all kinds of bread. Here are some of my favourite Breakfast toast recipes. 

Hope you enjoy as much as we do!

With Amore,

Francesca xo


Lox & Cream Cheese

smoked salmon slices, cream cheese, and usually avocado on top.


Nut Butter & Fruit

Almond or Peanut butter & whatever fruit we’ve got going on at that moment; bananas, raspberries, strawberries, or jam 


Avocado & Egg

Ripe avocado & eggs done any way; omelette, poached, scrambled, over-easy. Any way tastes amazing.


Ricotta Toast( couldn’t find my pic so this picture is not mine. It’s from Www.bonappetit.com)

Some great combos are:

-strawberry/walnut/maple syrup/ricotta,

-pear/honey/almond slivers/ricotta, 

-blood oranges/honey/ricotta



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