Valentine’s Gift Ideas

So the V-day is less than a week away.. and I know while there are some really excited lovebirds out there, some of us are like, ” Really?! It should be Valentines day everyday!” (My hubby is one of those people.) We usually stay in Valentines day since most of the restos on this day are gonna be crazy, service might be lacking, and unless its on a rooftop just you and your boo, its not thaaaaaaat romantic being in a crowded room with a bunch of strangers lol. Okay, that sounded like I don’t like the day, when in fact I do!!! I don’t, however, think it’s just for partners and couples. It’s to let your parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends that they’re loved too. Giving and receiving a little something sweet is always a nice treat to let them know you Looooooove them. Don’t forget though, there’s the rest of the year for that too. 🙂  Here are some little gifts ideas that might help your creative gift giving juices flow. All the links to shop them are below.

Enjoy! With Amore always,

Francesca xo



  1. Swarovski Bangle
  2. Floral Pouch
  3. Watercolor Scarf
  4. IPhone Case
  5. HIS Shaving Travel Bag
  6. I HEART U Mug
  7. Gorgeous Choker
  8. Faux Fur Throw
  9. MY FAVE candle
  10. Christian Paul Watch
  11. Daniel Wellington Watch
  12. Hearts Journal
  13. MRS. Mug
  14. MR. Mug

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