Under the Weather

Happy January everyone!

Hope everyone’s holiday season was good to you and that this year brings you closer to love and fulfilling your goals and dreams. The days leading up to Christmas this year were filled with lots of doctor visits for me and Little R. This Holiday season got my baby-boo a little sick, first with a urine infection,(yes baby’s apparently get that) and then a little bit of gastro. This under-the-weather baby blues got this first time mom feeling like she needs another nap.( and I was never one to nap before having a baby.) Besides being exhausted, I think as a Mom you look right over that because all you care about is making your baby feel better and comfortable at all times…Lots of cuddles and following doctor’s orders. Here were some of the products I was using to help the little one feel better as fast as possible. I use most of these on a regular basis, but I was extra careful especially following her infection to use the all-natural wipes and a friend recommended the Sudocrem to me for Little R’s diaper rash, and it works amazingly!  Here are the five natural favorties:



  1. Sudocrem Healing Cream 
  2. Aleva Naturals Wipes
  3. Live Clean Shampoo & Wash
  4. Honest Diapers
  5. Robeez Slippers

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