My Bumpday Look from Reitmans; 23 weeks


So in case you haven’t heard the exciting news, we’re expecting baby #2! Things are different when you’re pregnant the second time and you have a little energetic toddler to chase after.. Sometimes I forget I have another little gem growing inside me.. Sorry little buddy. So being extra tired and busier than the first time around, I’m not really into doing too much maternity shopping again. I’m actually lucky because I’m pregnant during the winter like the first time, so the maternity clothes I have will last me through this same season with a few extra updates of course. And with the help of the Athleisure trend that’s been happening, I have many ways of mixing comfort and style when all I want to live in at this point is leggings.

Here’s my Bumpday look, all from Reitmans! (100% Canadian/Mtl born and raised might I add)  I’m loving their new athletic brand, Hyba, hence these coated leggings with mesh inserts!!! How awesome are these for working out, or just for feeling sporty chic on a crazy day, cuz let’s be honest it feels good to feel athletic even when you’re running errands and chasing after a  toddler.. And there’s some serious cardio involved there don’t kid yourself. Lol . Did I mention they have coated inserts?!!!  So they have this awesome leather like sheen.( check out my calf close-up lol)  My boxy ribbed “cold-shoulder” sweater is perfect for feeling comfy and polished on top of this legging ensemble. Reitmans has some great clean classics that you can mix ‘n match no matter what the season is…. These leggings feel amaaaaaazing!!!

Enjoy! With Amore always,            Francesca xo

img_9142 img_9143




img_9148Hyba Coated Leggings

Reitmans Cold Shoulder  Sweater (sold out)

Here are a few more of my other athleisure favorites from Reitmans & Hyba:



  1. Hyba Printed legging
  2. Hyba striped legging
  3. Hyba splatter legging
  4. Hyba Hooded Longsleeve
  5. Reitmans Long Cardigan
  6. Hyba Wrap back top







2 thoughts on “My Bumpday Look from Reitmans; 23 weeks

    1. Lol!
      You are too funny! The sneakers are Michael Kors.. just this past winter so you can probably still find. They’re bejewelled, perfect combination of sporty and glam xo


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