Keeping Organized

Hello Lovelies,


Hope you all had a Happy Halloween weekend! This next month gets pretty busy and will fly by with all the Holiday prep and gift shopping right around the corner. I’m the type that needs to feel organized before tackling the days tasks. I can’t spend much “uninterrupted” time organizing my closest or my office with a little baby boo now, so my tasks are usually prolonged throughout the week..slowly but surely it eventually falls into place. I’m in the middle of switching out my spring clothes for fall and winter clothes right now and getting rid of oldies I don’t wear anymore. Yes, it’s Novemeber and I’m only doing this now..priorities get switched around as a Mommy 🙂

While at home, I organize my closets and keep things in place and when I’m on the go with Baby R, here are some items that keep me organized with the stroller and in the car. It gives me some piece of mind to keep some kind of system going…might be the OCD part of me, but whatever it is, it helps. Happy Friday!!

With Amore, FM xo



Diono Dry Seat Protector: This is honestly an amazing Must-have. It not only gives your baby extra comfort in their car seat, but if they have an “uh-oh” in their diaper that goes through to the seat a bit, you just take this protector off and your baby’s automatically o a fresh clean surface again. This is machine washable and waterproof. Honestly, an amazing product! Find it here.

IMG_1157 IMG_1158

Car Seat Organizer: Hang this puppy in the back of your front seat to keep the back seat tidy. Keeps everything; your water bottles, extra bottle, extra diaper, a snack, whatever it may be, all together and not flying around the back seat 🙂 Find it here.

stroller oragnaizer

SkipHop Stroller Organizer: Perfect for throwing your cell phone, car keys in while you’re strolling around. I keep the baby’s extra soother and face cloths, along with some kleenex in here. Find it here.



The Mommy Hook: To hang everything and attach anything to your stroller because you don’t have eight hands 🙂  Find it here.


That’s a wrap! 🙂


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