Fall Leaves & Fashion Layers

Hello Amores,

Fall is definitely in full force with beautiful vibrant leaves filling the trees, pumpkin spice everything on every menu, kids arguing about not wearing a jacket because “the sun is out mommy!” And the colds and sneezing circulating like hot potato.. lol

But besides that, I really do love Fall! And if you’re bundled up in some good layers you really do enjoy taking in every bit of that crisp sunny autumn air.

These were some shots from the weekend of some amazing trees in almost neon shades of orange and red along with the layers I’m sporting lately.

Keep warm, drink the chai, take the vitamins, and don’t forget to enjoy the moment and not live too much behind our screens this Fall. I love taking pics, ( and yes I asked my kids to snap some at the park over the weekend) but then I put the phone away so i don’t miss the little things. It’s not always easy, but take a note from the ways of children, and really live in that moment. Happy Fall🍁❤️

With Amore,

Francesca xo

Outfit details:

Zara.com midi vegan leather vest

Micheal kors large scarf

Leather and Ponte leggings

French connection saffron sweater

Boots- anything comfy and with a grip

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