How to do NYFW… from home. Lol

Hi Lovelies!

As NYFW comes to a close, I must say that I loved being a part of it..from the comfort of my own home of course Lol. Part of me wished  I wish I was there feeling the electric NYC vibes and just being in the fashionable streets during this time of year, and the other half of me was more than happy following along, checking out my favorite runway shows and street trends via the best websites and bloggers. So since I’m home with my two little ones I like to pretend I’m in NYC and keep up with fashion week from my computer in between feeding the kiddies, cooking dinner, organizing the home, sewing, writing… the list goes on. Until I go to NYFW,  here are some fun ways to keep up with what’s happening at fashion week without actually being there. It helps bring a little balance into your mind too to disconnect from baby talk and keep up with things for YOU.(Which is a struggle these days isnt it.)

Every little bit helps. In fact as I write this post, the kiddies are asleep for a short lived nap, I’m sipping on my almond milk latte after going through the starbuks drive-thru, and I’m applying a coat of nail polish all at the same time. At least when they wake up, I’ll have published a post and painted my nails which is better than before.  Even though these are little ways, I’ll feel even a touch more balanced because I did something that satisfies ME.   I also don’t feel so bad that I miss out on a few more things than I used to since having kids because the online world today keeps you so up to speed you almost feel like you were somewhere even if you weren’t… and I know I am not alone. You can still love fashion and music and have passions and hobbies while being a mom. Perhaps you cannot do everything in the same doses as before, but it’s up to us to keep at things we love and are passionate about. (More on that in a future post.) Enjoy and happy fashion week! Next is London, Milan, then Paris. A presto!

1. Two words; Vogue Runway always has the latest runway shows up even before the final model closes the show..okay not that fast, but you get it. You go straight to the Fashion Runway section and you can scroll through the gorgeous looks by Season, Latest Shows, or by Designer. I love being able to access this tunnel of trends and inspiration all at once and so fast throughout any fashion week. It’s Vogue after all, they know what they’re doing 😉

2. Fashion Bloggers who are there know what’s up!

I love checking out some of my favorite fashion bloggers Instagram feeds and stories for the shows they are attending and the looks they are sporting on the streets. You know if they’re wearing a look, the fashion houses have sponsored some of these looks and so they are obviously some of their favorites to showcase on these beauties. I also love getting new ideas from some of these fashionistas on how to style some of the season’s key pieces. Here are some of my favorite fashion blogs I follow:


3. Be Inspired by the Streetwear 

Many times the show is not inside the Palais de Congres, but the real runway is out on the streets entering and exiting the shows. I often wonder, is anyone in these cities dressed low-key during their cities fashion weeks? Are us Moms running about in lululemons and puffy parkas?haha I feel like not lol. I feel like everyone is dressed to impress during fashion week no matter who they are, whether they are going to a presentation of some sort or not. I know I’m probably wrong but it’s fun to think everyone is as stylish as all the pictures we see during that week.  We can see some of the coolest most individual streetwear worn by bloggers, designers, socialites and other fashionites during that time. Here are some spots to find the show-stopping streetwear of Fashion Week:

-Phil Oh Streetwear Column on

-Your favorite blogger’s IG




4. Read the Gloss and Find Inspiration

I don’t know about you guys, but I am a huge magazine buff. Like, I’d be shy to round up my receipts on magazines for the month, not to mention my hubby would think I was a bit cray cray LOL. I literally get excited seeing the new month’s issue of some of my favorite magazines neatly lined up on the store shelves.. a bit obsessed I must say. I love the feeling of the gloss and the crisp newness. I just think there’s nothing like seeing the colorful combinations of fashion, beauty, and life articles next to the hottest ads that dont feel like ads. I love to read and write, and I love magazines. The End LOL. No, but seriously, It’s a great summary for the current season’s trends, and the “Collections” editions of Vogue Paris or Elle, are beautiful round-ups of the Runway Collections for that season. They also give you great ways to create different looks based on your style, and also great combinations for creating luxury looks for less. My favorites for finding great fashion reports, beauty trends, and articles on current influencers are Porter, Instyle, Vogue(of course), Harpers Bazaar, Elle & British Elle.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

With Amore always, Francesca


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