12 Days Of Christmas Day 3: Easy craft for your Kiddies

Hi Guys!

So for Day 3 Of my 12 Days Of Christmas, I’m sharing the idea of a Holiday Craft. It’s super easy and might seem like a no-brainer Craft, but my little toddler loves colouring and glueing(is that how you spell that) and colorful things so I picked up some crafty things at the dollar store and let her go to town.( making sure no glue got on the walls of course lol)

Here’s what I️ bought:

•construction paper

•some good ol’ Elmer’s Glue( I️ like to use a paintbrush and a Tupperware to apply our Glue. Easier for the little ones to paint rather than squeeze a glue bottle)

•colorful pompoms, stickers, pipecleaners, or anything else to stick on that looks fun lol

I️ cut out the big shapes like the Christmas Tree, Santa hat&beard, reindeer face etc and let Rosa stick on the little things with her paintbrush.

For the reindeer art, I️ traced out her hands first on the brown construction paper and used those for the antlers. Cool right?! These make awesome wall or window art or really great Xmas cards for your family and friends too. Have fun and enjoy the sit-down bonding time even if it’s only for a few minutes. Have a great week!

With Amore always,

Francesca xo

P.S I️ keep all our craft supplies in a designated box that zips closed. That way everything stays together and hopefully doesn’t end up all over the kitchen… again… lol xo

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