12 Days of Christmas Day 1: The Gift Card

For the very 1st day of 12 Days of Christmas I’m sharing a gift idea that may seem a bit impersonal to some, but is the perfect gift for others. It’s the CFShop! Card

Yes, It’s a gift card, but it’s the only shopping mall gift card redeemable at about 20 malls across Canada, so it’s perfect for any long distance friends or family, AND you can purchase them online and have it delivered right to your door in a few days. Trust me, I’ve bought these as gifts last Christmas, and I will be doing so again this year. I always like to give my gift cards with a little something extra to make it more personal.  But honestly, who doesn’t love receiving money that they can use to buy exactly what they desire. I think the concept of it being redeemable at all these different malls is brilliant. You can check out the list of Canadian malls here.

It’s the perfect gift when you’re just not sure what they will like, and adding on some chocolate or a little fashion or office accessory is the perfect finishing touch. Your welcome lol

With Amore always,

Francesca xo

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