Tray Tres Cool

Happy Friday guys!

So amidst my home decorating right now, I’m trying to find a way to add some modern touches to some antique furniture pieces right now. We’re upholstering a vintage sofa set and some armchairs and I’m thinking I’ll have to add some splashes of modernness to avoid it getting too heavy. We have a lot of wood and brick in our home so it needs some light airiness in the little pieces of decor we’ll add. I think a cool way is to use some modern lamps or tray decor to our coffee tables and living area. What  better way than with some tres cool trays and fresh flowers. Here are some ideas I came across in my pinterest and home-mag research for some great tray decor.

A few of tips I picked up are:

  1. Coffee Table Books, Coffee Table Books, Coffee Table Books….Only one is needed really, but if you have a large enough space, I always like three stacked on top of one another getting smaller in size as you move your way up. It’s a great conversation starter and you get to show off something you’re interested in.
  2. Fresh Cut Flowers look fabulous…when they’re available of course. If not, even just the vase is cool, unless you have a little kiddie running around like I will soon, then keep the vase and flowers short 😉
  3. A Pretty Candle, even if you don’t light it always looks pretty
  4. A cool box for your remotes or a little memorabilia piece of art that you picked up on a trip.
  5. Most importantly choose a good tray! lol Do you want something mirrored or Lucite (which is what I think I’m leaning towards with my living room in progress.) Or maybe something vintage and wooden, or a cool rustic metal & wood combo, or even something with a printed centre so It pops in a neutral living room. The best way to decide is to scroll through some pics and see what makes you feel excited to decorate and which one will pop or blend with your decor(whichever you’d like to achieve)…and that’s usually the one. I’ve been stuck on something bright or clear for a while and I think that’s what I’ll go with once my sofas are ready. Since my sofa and chairs have ornate wood around them, I’ll stick to a simple rectangular or oval shape tray with a clean border, nothing with major carving or ornate embellishment since I’ve already got a lot of that going on in the space. I’m sticking to a modern edge for this one. If you have very clean cut lines in your living space, maybe a more ornate tray would work for you…. See what I did there? lol..Opposites attract. Don’t be afraid to mix it up.
  6. Oh, and Don’t go overboard… you want your space to be functional for YOU and not look like a showroom. Keeping it simple is best and won’t look cluttered. If you stick to 3-5 items you should be good; Book+ Candle+ Flowers+ Cool Extra.

Hope you enjoy and that it gives you some decor inspiration for your space.

Happy Friday lovelies!

With Amore always,

FM xo


























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