DIY Baby Food

So as all you Mamas know, time flies and every week our babies are doing something new, making a new sound, growing out of their diapers and they’ve starting eating solids! I was so nervous at the thought of this a couple of months ago, I wished it was formula all the way until they had teeth so they knew exactly how to eat and swallow everything safely and properly. But that’s crazy lol
Everything is literally in “baby steps” with the food so you become more and more comfortable as you go along. I started with the “Starter” stage cereals at about 5 months, and now at 7 months we’ve tested out some organic fruit and veggie purées and still loving our cereals, for 6-8 month olds.Not as scary as I thought.

Up to now, I’ve really enjoyed Baby Gourmet organic food and Love Child Organics as well, but I’ve been really wanting to finally to make some from scratch and so I attempted it yesterday and now I have food frozen in ice cube trays in my freezer ready for next week.

It was pretty easy, just time consuming if you do a few batches at once, otherwise it’s easy as pie, actually it’s easier;)
Two words: Baby Bullet
Here’s how it went….


I washed, peeled and chopped up all my fruits and veggies. I was working with pears, apples, carrots, butternut squash, and zucchini.( zucchini is supposed to be a good starter veggie for baby to eat on its own as a starter green, also good brain and eyesight food)

Then I boiled everything separately. Once everything was nice and soft, I took them out of the boiling water, but still kept some liquid for my puréeing.




Be sure to wash all your new Baby Bullet equipment👍🏻 then blend away. I blended everything, wash the blender in between each different food. Add more water if you want it thinner and leaving it as is if the texture is good for you.


I kept the pear purée in the fridge and Baby Rosa consumed that within the next 3 days, Then I filled up my ice cube trays with the rest of all the food I had made. The next day once everything was frozen into cubes I put them in ziplock bags so they were easier to open and thaw out once we were ready to eat them. I put two cubes per bag and back in the freezer. Always making sure I had a small supply in the fridge that I knew we would consume within the next 2-3 days.
br />

It felt really good knowing I had made something healthy for my baby. Of course, I still buy the store-bought food if I’m going out on a road trip or just in between my homemade one. Whatever works for me at that moment and time.
Hope this has been helpful. Let me know if I’ve missed anything. Always looking to learn and improve.
With Amore,
FM xo

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