What’s in my bag Baby?

Hello Lovelies!

This ones for all you mommy/mommy-to-be’s out there! Here is a little peek into what’s in my baby bag. It feels like just yesterday I was packing my hospital bag before my little bundle arrived and now she’s my little buddy coming around with Mom wherever I go. Here are some of my essentials when me ‘n Baby are on the go! Let me know if I’m missing anything 🙂

with Amore

FM xo



FOOD!! Obviously. Right now my 6-month old is drinking READY-TO-FEED Enfamil and I’m using Avent(by Philips) Classic bottles. I always bring a couple just in case I’m somewhere that I can’t wash them. These ones have an air release technology that helps reduce the airflow into my baby’s belly which = less gas=happy baby 🙂


TEETHERS and Camilia Natural Gum soother liquid capsules. I am loving this Fisher Price Terry Teether. I don’t know about you, but my baby always grabs the terry cloth out of my hands to suck on to relieve her gums over her plastic teether sometimes..I think it gives better relief since its soft and moulds better to the gums. Clearly, Fisher Price knew what they were doing when creating this half plastic/Half Terry Teether. It’s a MUST in my books.


ENTERTAINMENT. No explanation needed. Bring them! No questions asked. Tigger is my little girl’s favourite right now. Sophie The Giraffe is also amazing..She squeaks and is the perfect and safe toy baby can put in his or her mouth for some extra gum relief. Music makers like this Baby Einstein Music-On-The-Go are always great to keep your little one occupied as well. People around you might not love them, but tell them it’s much better than a crying baby. lol


WIPES & CLEAN UP GEAR like these amazing and fashionable fold-up change pad by Skip-Hop and Huggies Clutch ‘n Clean refillable wipes. You can never have enough wipes! Trust me.


DIAPERS! I’ve honestly been using both Huggies and Pampers. I find Huggies run a bit bigger than Pampers. I do love Pampers wetness indicator though that lets you know if baby’s diaper is wet without opening it! Well done Pampers 🙂 And this Playtex Diaper Genie travel bag dispenser is AMAZING!! I was carrying around a supply of ziplocs, but these are like the doggy bag equivalent for Baby. I have not only put a dirty diaper in them if there’s no garbage nearby, but have also used them for their dirty onsies or other garbage so that you don’t dirty anything else in your bag. Mommy Rule: YOU ALWAYS NEED PLASTIC BAGS WHEN ON THE GO.


BIBS, BLANKIES, AND TOWELS. You know what these are for. Love my Carters light flannel receiving blankies and so does Baby Rosa 🙂


Some MINI TOILETRIES. Live Clean Diaper Ointment creme, extra AVENT soothers in case you drop any along the way. INVEST IN A SOOTHER CLIP. It saves me as soon as baby starts pulling the soother out of her mouth, you know its clipped on and don’t have to worry!


EXTRA CHANGE OF CLOTHES (OR 3) AND A PJ. Loving Carters OshKosh everything right now. They have little fashionista/fashionisto looks for amazing prices.


And Lastly, sometimes I don’t feel like bringing my own personal purse especially if I’m in and out of errand running, so I just purchased this printed leather clutch-like purse at Indigo that I can throw my little necessities in, then fold it in my Baby Bag, that way you’re not bag lady.

Yes, all that list was for Baby, and your necessities are narrowed down into 3 or 4 little things. Welcome to Motherhood.lol

Enjoy it..the time flies and before you know it, your newborn is already 6 months old.

Lots of Love to all of you and your little bundles.

xo FM





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