Leather Jackets & Maxi Dresses…The perfect Fall transition Outfit

TGIF! Although, since being home with my baby, Friday seems more like Mondays now.LOL

Friday for me is the beginning of a usually pretty busy weekend. There is usually some kind of work being done at home and prep for whatever entertaining is about to happen on the weekend. Tonight,for the first time in FOREVER, hubby and I have plans for an event downtown in our beautiful city. It’s been a while since I’ve been out and so the natural question all of us stylish mommys(who are still trying to shed those last few prego-pounds) is: “What do I wear?!!”

Since the crisp Fall air has commenced and your not sure about open toes anymore, finding the perfect outfit that isn’t still in summer mode, but not quite yet in Fall coat mode can be a bit of a challenge. I find you can make great wear of your lighter weight, even chiffon dresses, by pairing it with a leather blazer or cropped jacket. You feel feminine and flirty in a flowy maxi dress, but still rocker-chic and up-to-season with a leather top jacket. You can still pair it with a caged or peep toe shoe, or slip on a closed pump if you feel too cold to expose your toesies 🙂 It is the perfect transition into Fall, and you get longer wear out of dresses that you think are done for the year. Here is my pick for this evening…Oh, and our little secret: They are all pieces I have had in my closet a couple of seasons already. No need to go out and spend money all the time. Especially after you’ve been pregnant and haven’t worn them for at least nine months, things start to feel brand new again… And never be afraid to mix prints 🙂

Happy Friday!

With Amore, FM xo














(Dress: H&M, Shoes: Nine West, Jacket: Irfe, Purse: Valentino)




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