Indigo Faves: Five Fun Christmas Favorites for the Kids

Hello Amores!

Can you hear those sleigh bells jingling yet??? It’s November, which pretty much means it’s Christmas over here in Eastern Canada! Lol

One of my favorite go-to places for gifts, stocking stuffers, and decor ideas(besides pinterest) is Indigo Chapters!

To kick off the holiday season, since it is mostly for the kids and their excitement, I’ve rounded up five favorites from Indigo for the kids to make it all the more magical for them. Take a look and I hope you find them as magical as I do. Tis the season for all the questions about Santa and chimneys you will start to have to answer for the next 42 days lol. The links below will take you right to these fabulous finds and will save you the time from searching for them. These make perfect reward gifts for your littles or a perfect gift for any of your friend’s kiddo’s with birthdays in November and December.

Enjoy the find Amores. Let me know if you like them.

With Love always, Francesca xo

Santa’s Message Plate Set

This is the coolest on every level from leaving a personalized message to leaving the reindeer their treats too! love love love this, and I know my kids will too!

24 Day Ornaments Felt Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are amazing. They give a little something extra for the kids to look forward to every day of December leading up to X-mas eve…my kids are already asking about when we will start ours! It’s those little things that we pull out every year that become traditions as our kids grow.

Kid’s Fam Jam Pyjama Sets

I am doing it this year! Every year I say it, and still haven’t done it for all of us, but mark my words, get ready for those matching pj pics!(Says every mother everywhere before Christmas.LOL) There are three very cool patterns for everyone to match from baby, toddler, and even the dog.

Elf On The Shelf Box Set

If you know you know, it was only lat year when my kids were 4 and 6 was I able to use this elf on the shelf for its true purpose; to get the kids to bed earlier at night and to use the elf’s reporting to Santa every night as incentive to listen to mommy and play nice with each other, LOl. Am I right or am I right. It works, Love the story book that comes with it, and brings come fun into the house for the kids and the grown-ups alike. Definitely a must-have!

Holiday Apron Set

Perfect for the little baker…and lt’s be honest its all about baking something, doesnt have to be fancy, the kids enjoy the simplest things..even just the decorating part. My kids still want to sport their apron every time we whip something up. This makes a great gift too!

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