Wedding Guest Attire… What To wear or Not to Wear

Hi Lovelies!

Whenever I’ve been off (or offline) for a bit, there’s nothing like a little couture inspiration to get you back in the groove of things. It’s no secret that I love weddings and all the couture that comes along with it, so I’m going to share the wedding things I do do since getting married, and that is ATTEND them 🙂

I got married 4 years ago, but I still buy my favorite Wedluxe magazine religiously for some added inspiration to my everyday life & career life. Although the hubby and I haven’t had too many weddings to attend since being married, we usually have our fair share of events or “black tie” affairs that call for the same wardrobe as a “Black Tie” wedding. Here are a couple of wedding guest attire guidelines I would suggest….actually suggest is a bit light, you almost have to follow these when you’re a wedding guest. lol

  • NO WHITE, OFF-WHITE, ANYTHING THAT REMOTELY CAN BE MISTAKEN FOR WHITE…EVER! LOL Not much explanation needed here.. It’s the bride’s day to wear it, that’s it that’s all.
  • KEEP IT CLASSY. Everyone will have their own opinion on this but remember not to show TOO much skin. People can go to the beach for that. You want people to talk about you for being classy and tasteful, not trashy. Not to mention, you will be much more comfortable and confident if you don’t have to check that all your “ASSets” aren’t falling out before you walk across the room.

WHO… will you be attending with?  It’s always a nice idea to somewhat coordinate with your partner. Not too matchy-smatchy, but you don’t want to end up looking like Harry & Lloyd in the movie “Dumb and Dumber” LOL

WHAT… Season is it? A Summer wedding(which includes the month of September for me btw. And I live in Eastern Canada where the winters get pretty cold, but after years of living here September has always proven to be a pretty sunny month.) Like I was saying… a Summer wedding means just about any vibrant color, pastel color, and neutrals like black, tan & navy. Think fabrics like Chiffon, lightweight silks, and if fitted, nothing too heavy looking.  Fall & Winter weddings usually call for jewel tones, deeper hues, and black of course. Fabrics like velvet and heavier evening fabrics come into play here.

WHERE…is the venue of the wedding. This usually helps to determine what to wear if the bride and groom haven’t indicated a dress code on the invite. Last July we attended a wedding at a golf course where the ceremony took place outside and the reception inside a huge magical tent. I wore a black cocktail dress with a simple sandal. Then last September we attended one at the beautiful Windsor Ballroom here in Montreal. Right away with a venue like that, you know that evening floor length gowns are 100% acceptable, but if you’re not into that, you can totally do a glam cocktail dress just the same. It’s pretty easy when you know the venue AND when you have this perfect Wedding Guest Attire guide from


It simply outlines the different dress codes so you’re not wondering what is appropriate and it is so bang-on!  Of course you always want to be yourself and choose styles and colors that flatter your shape and your skin tone. When you feel good it shows, and you’re always bound for a better night when you are. As most of us ladies know, we have many more options than men do out there. There are so many fabrics, shapes, and price points to pick from, in the actual store and online. It’s not always the case for men. is the genius website for the man to rent his tux or suit, and have his whole look styled for a fraction of the price of buying a new one every time.  Check out some of their chic styles here. 

Before checking out what’s hot for him on The Black Tux, here are some of my looks for my favorite dress codes of the wedding season as outlined in the guide.


I leaned towards a more formal look here but a colorful cocktail dress is totally acceptable. Or you can play with fun accessories and color if you opt for a LBD. And how fun is the Champagne bottle hankerchief from The Black Tux. In love!

His Grey Suit:

His Shoes: Luca Del Forte

His Champagne Bottle Hankerchief:


Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Clutch: Browns

Earrings: Swarovski



Yes that’s right ladies! It’s a tux.. for you! I’m all about the ladies tuxedo, “La Garconne”, “Le smoking”… So Chic, so Chanel. And the best part, its a great investment that you can always change the look to just by switching up the bustier or blouse and playing with the shoes and accessories! Love this option for a Black Tie Optional event! And if you’re wearing the Black suit, have your partner wear a Midnight color  like this one so you’re not playing a game of “who wore it best?” lol

His Midnight Blue Tux:

His Shoes: Luca Del Forte

Her Tuxedo: Pants- Sachin & Babi  Jacket: Alice & Olivia

Shoes: Mimosa

Cuff: Swarovski

Clutch: YSL



And then for the Black Tie. Velevet everything is really hot this Fall/Winter for men and women.  REmember you can never be too dressed up for a Black Tie affair. This is the time to pull out velvet, patent leather, gold and sparkle. No holding back.

His Velvet Jacket Tux:

His Shoes: Luca Del Forte

Her Dress: Sachin & Babi Noir

Shoes: Michael Kors

Earrings: Swarovski

Cuff: Swarovski

Clutch: Christian Louboutin


I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my wedding guest attire tips and I know I’ll be referring back to the Black Tux’s Guest Style guide for the next wedding I attend.

With Amore always,

Francesca xo

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