My Fabulous Finds for travelling with the Baby

Hi Lovelies!

We are on our first vacation with the baby for a couple of weeks and prepping everything from Tylenol to swimwear only took about two months! LOL

Being a first time mom and first time travelling with her, I made about a thousand trips to the pharmacy and to babies r us before finally zipping up my suitcase, but I tried as much as possible to travel light, since we already have extra delicate baggage ie: our precious Baby and her heavy duty UppaBaby Vista stroller. I’m learning as I go what are the most useful items from clothing to food and beyond.

First let me say, I did not purchase the more lightweight convenient umbrella type stroller, I contemplated back and forth whether to buy one or not, but in the end, I wanted what my baby was most comfortable in, and what had the most storage space at the bottom… And honestly, best decision I made.

Depending on where you are travelling to, in our case, La Bella Italia, don’t forget that you don’t need a diaper supply for the entire length of your trip, if you know there are pharmacies in your destination. I brought enough wipes and diapers for about  five  days, and have been stocking up at the pharmacies in Italy as we go along. Remember Pampers are international! I did however bring all my baby toiletries from home( hence my lengthy bills from Pharmaprix/Shoppers Drug Mart.) I didn’t want to have to run out in case Baby felt sick or anything. Even if you don’t use them, better safe than sorry.

My baby toiletries and medications included:

  • SUNSCREEN ! I’m loving the Aveeno Baby sunscreen!
  • Baby Tylenol and Benadryl
  • Camilia gum soothing drops & Coryzilia runny nose drops(both homeopathic natural & AMAZING)
  • Live Clean baby body wash, diaper ointment, and lotion( all come in travel size at Babies ‘R Us)
  • Mini Tide to-go liquid packets( I have been washing her clothes just about every night by hand and hanging them to dry in the hotels, this also helped in packing light)
  • Wet ones of course, along with the mini packs of Pacifier Wipes that I carry in my purse
  • Powder formula has been my saviour, and when I can, I ask for fresh milk from our hotel or Resto
  • Diapers, pacifiers, wash cloths & disposable change pads and anything you use at home, remember even though you’re away from home, you make it feel as close to home as possible.
  • Light blankets and baby’s plastic eating utensils( I brought 1 plate, 2 bowls with lids, 2 spoons & 1 fork)

And now for my fabulous finds! My top three things that have been amazing are… Drumroll….. Because yes, especially #1 & #2 deserve a drumroll:)

1. The First Years travel foldable booster seat!!! The best way or almost the only way to enjoy meals while travelling with your little one. Some restaurants don’t have high chairs and some boosters have no strap between baby’s legs, so this is honestly a life saver.

2. BBLuv play and sleep tent! We have brought this poolside and she has been sleeping in this when the hotel did not have a baby crib. Just be sure to layer some more blankets at the bottom on top of the pad it already comes with for extra comfort. It folds up super flat is soooooo lightweight. Luv my bbluv.

3. TommeeTippee plate mat. It sticks to any flat surface and has a little suction cup to keep baby’s plate in place. If your baby is anything like my daughter, when she’s done eating she has this habit of throwing her plate on the floor lol…we’re working on that.

I got all of these fabulous finds at Babies ‘R Us, and found them all by browsing around the store a few weeks before leaving. It’s always worth checking out what’s out there ahead of time. Best purchases I’ve made in a while, well besides the 19 euro sunglasses I just bought because my babygirl broke the ones I brought. Lol

A presto! With Amore always,

FM xoxo

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