Wedding Makeup Inspiration

Hello Wednesday!

Since I’m keeping to my Wedding Wednesday theme, I decided to share a post with you from my destination wedding website which I put together as a little go-to for our guests at the time…which slowly transitioned into here:

So it will be four years this summer that I’m married but it feels like just yesterday we were planning our big day overseas in Italy. Since my wedding was a destination one, we had to do most of the planning from home through emails and pictures, then pull it all together a few days before the big day. One of the things a bride is usually particular about is her I right? We don’t want too much, but enough to last us through pictures, and kisses, and dancing…

Since I didn’t know anyone and their work very well in Italy, I had decided to do my own makeup for my big day. Sounds scary I know, but if you leave enough time that morning and stay calm, it all worked out pretty great 🙂

I realize not very many people do that but not only was I far away from any makeup artists I knew, I also had a hard time trusting anyone would do what I wanted for that day. Not to mention the sweltering heat that I feared would melt away any fabulousness….So I kept it fresh, light, and easy to touch up!

What I DID do though was visit my nearest MAC cosmetics store about 3 weeks before for an in-store demo and then purchased all the goodies that the makeup artist used on my face. It was the best idea for a destination wedding! I also love doing makeup, so I guess I do have a knack for it. If you don’t think you do, try it out- you might end up surprising yourself!

Here is the palette I applied that day…BIG THANK YOU to the fabulous Sabrina at MAC in Rockland Centre here in Montreal, Canada for helping me out!

Enjoy and have fun experimenting!

With Amore,

FM  xo

1. Strobe Luminescent Moisturizer  2. Select MoistureCover (Undereye NW20)  3.  Mineralize SKinFinish Pressed Powder Foundation  4. Mineralize SkinFinish (Gold Deposit)  5. Blush  6. EyeShadow Palette (Lid:Brule, Crease: Handwritten & Embark, Eyebrow Line: Nylon)  7. Black Eyeliner Gel  8. Lashes: 20 Lash  9. Loreal Voluminous Mascara, Blackest Black   10. Lipstick:Vegas Volt, Liner: Lasting Sensation  11. Fix + Finishing Spray to keep it all on longer… and yes it worked.



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